Wheel Repair

Wheel Repair

Got a bent wheel? Don’t worry, we can fix that!

Got a bend? Don’t let that ruin a set of wheels. The first thing we do is determine what type of damage the wheel has sustained. Most bends like the one shown here is very repairable.

At Houston Wheel Repair we say –  We don’t reinvent the wheel We Make It Better.

We pride ourselves with the length of time we have been in the business longer than all of our competitors. That means you can rely on our experience and innovations over the years to solve just about any issue with a wheel.

Call now for a price 713-942-0294 Send us photo of the damage. Depending on what we can determine from the photo you send, we might be able to give you a quote over the phone. The best thing to do if you’re in a hurry to get it fixed is to come by our shop in Houston.

The types of damage we see most often are a result of a vehicle driving over a large pot hole or hitting a curb. These can simply deform the lip of the wheel or it may have also bent the hub. Typically we can bend back the lips and straighten the hub with the correct amount of force at precise angles. Sometimes it requires some milling on a lathe to dial in the exact trueness of the wheel so it will balance perfectly with no wobble.

For more rare wheels (wheels that are not OEM or are very hard to find) repair may be your only option. We can usually help you restore a wheel completely so you won’t have to give up the set of wheels just because one or two of them got damaged.

In rare cases, some wheels may require more extensive work.This may require us to replace material that is missing. Welding on some additional material may be required. We use steel or aluminum, in this case aluminum, and weld material on the wheel.

Later the lathe will trim down the excess metal and shape it to match the rest of the wheel.

This step may have to be repeated depending on how much material is needed and the wheel design. For this wheel one time should do the trick.

This step is done with a lathe. Notice the area that is now filled with new metal which gets shaped by the lathe.

By the time the lathe has made a few passes the edge is ground down to match the original shape of the rim. This process ends when the shape is close enough to be sanded.

After it is sufficiently smoothed, it is handed over to the sanding station, which takes the surface to a smoother level.

Here you can see a technician sanding a wheel prior to painting or polishing.

At this stage the material has been added, and basic shape attained. Now all that remains is to finish the surface to the desired grade. It can be polished to a mirror like shine, or left semi smooth to allow it to be painted. In this case the wheel is best polished to a shine.

The polishing station shown here to the left is where the wheel is further refined to take on a mirror like shine. Often polishing aluminum takes on the appearance of chrome or better. Call or come in to get a quote on having this work done on your wheels.

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