About Plasti Dip

It is really remarkable, really. You don’t need to do much prep work at all before spraying it on almost anything including chrome. No sanding, no scuffing, nothing more usually than just an alcohol wipe down and you’re good to go. And when you want to take it off, it literally just peels off like you would expect a rubber coating to do, because that’s basically what it is.

The Dip Doctor has used it on things as small as the grille of a car, to something as large as the engine cover of a Chevrolet Camaro. The Dip Doctor has sprayed full sets of wheels, a hood, etc, and no problems at all. It holds up surprisingly well, even when washing the car although I don’t think I’d want to run it through a cheap automatic car wash.

It may be regarded as a cheap alternative to powder coating, but it gives you the chance to be a bit creative and see how something might look if you did powder coat it or paint it, and you can just peel it off and return that part to original without fear of damaging it or spending much money to try out the look. Call us @ the Dip Doctor @ 713-357-6040

Use it one time and you will be looking for “anything” to keep using it. It does what they say it will. Great for doing all your wheels for winter driving. Come spring, just find a little area and pull it off. Use it on the rear differential for that “different” look. Use it on brake calipers. In fact you ca plasti dip an entire car in chrome plasti dip and after you are tired of one color, just peel it all off.


1. Plasti dip is non permanent
2. Non-permanent means that it can be removed easily, in case you don’t like it, or feel that you need a change.
Many of the people who use Plasti-dip want to change up their car, from rims, to badges, to certain panels (like grille, side sills, spoiler, etc.) but don’t want to risk possible re-sell value and/or like changing up the style every once in a while. It’s a decent alternative to the more permanent solutions, but it is not for everyone.

Plasti-dip plus points:

+ very inexpensive
+ fairly durable to a certain point
+ non-permanent
+ easy to apply
+/- depending on DIY’er, may look great or poorly done
+/- matte finish or gloss
+ non-permanent
– Does not glisten/sparkle like paint/powdercoat
– no proper clear coat (Plasti-dip does have a clear spray, but its not a proper clear coat)

Plasti Dip is a multi use rubber coating that acts as a great alternative to traditional automotive paint.
It can be mixed to create custom colors such as matte,pearl, metallic or even glossy finish. The outcome is a great
looking protective layer over original paint . It can be used in so many ways and is often used as a visual upgrade.

The product really has taken the automotive industry by a storm because of its versatlity.

It can be applied to just about anything is 100% removable!




Change the color of your Car, Protect Your Paint, Prevents Stone Chips And Minor Scratch Damage To Your Paint (Plasti Dip as our main product)

The Dip Doctor will use “THE DIP NOZZLE” we can PlastiDip Larger Areas with our Aerosols. No more spray lines if applied correctly in wet even coats.

You only buy it once and you can use it for many other projects.


Why Should I Plastidip? 

This question always seems to come up when considering a wrap. Mostly because of the cost difference. Definitely a widely argued and certainly most undefined debate in the wrap community.

What is better, Vinyl or Plastidip?

This section will help provide you with clear and precise differences between the two. These are the unbiased facts. You decide!

– Durability: Plastidip offers a protective solution in keeping your cars original paint in mint condition. It is a protective film for your car that resists UV rays from the sun to preserve the color of the paint, rock chips, snow ice, etc. That being said, spit, bird droppings and gasoline are not your friend. These liquids seem to have a negative effect on plastidip. In most cases they will stain the plastidip and leave a mark of discoloration. If you are going for durability, this will not last you as Vinyl wrapping would. Generally, Plastidip will last around 6 months.

– Cleaning: With Plastidip, you cannot use a pressure washer because you run the risk of peeling it off. Your best bet is to hand wash each time.

– Dipping: Dipping your car is considered extremely cheap if you’re comparing it to vinyl. An average professional install will run you around $800. If you want to do it yourself, the cans are not that expensive, depending on where and who you buy from. In this instance many will use the expression, “you get what you pay for!” Dipping your car should take no longer than a day. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or if you don’t put enough coats of plastidip, you’re in for a surprise! Your car will look as if you painted it with spray paint from the local convenient store.

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