Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Houston

Auto Glass Repair & Auto Glass Replacement Houston Texas

Pesky dings in your windshield can quickly spread jeopardizing the integrity of the safety of your car. Auto Glass repairs and replacements are one way to ensure the safety of your vehicle. At Doctor Windshield in Houston Texas we provide quick and reliable auto glass repairs and replacements.

Not all auto glass repairs or auto glass replacements are created equally. Doctor Windshield  has been operating for over twenty years and we have mastered the art of windshield repair setting us apart from competitors. Visit any one of the Doctor windshield locations in Houston for superior windshield repair services

Auto Glass/Window Replacement

Auto glass is one of the most important structural support features of your vehicle. The windshield, windows and other auto glass components of your vehicle help to protect and shield you against injuries. Additionally, proper air bag deployment requires that the windshield and side windows be installed correctly. Our auto glass installations adhere to manufacturers’ recommendations and are in compliance with all applicable federal standards, ensuring that your vehicle is safe, secure and ready to protect you if an accident should occur. We replace auto glass to exacting standards and have been certified by the experts ; Ourr exclusive system allows faster repairs than ever before. Additionally, our installers undergo periodic training with vehicle and adhesive manufacturers to ensure that our work is of the highest quality. Your safety depends on it

Auto Glass/Window Repair


Even small imperfections or cracks can impair the driver’s ability to see the road and to react quickly to changing road conditions. It’s essential to repair windshield chips, cracks and other defects quickly before they pose a risk to drivers or passengers. Small problems can sometimes be solved by auto glass repair, an advanced process that injects a polymer blend into the damaged area and essentially patches the glass, eliminating the problem and leaving the windshield looking as good as new. Managing smaller cracks and chips before they become serious barriers to the driver’s field of vision is essential. At Doctor Windshield, we have the skill and knowledge to repair your auto glass quickly and to the highest standards of quality and safety.

We can also reglue side mirrors and rear view mirrors onto their brackets.

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