Rock Chip & Crack Windshield Repair

Rock Chip & Crack Windshield Repair If you get tiny crack on your windshield from the road, you need to get the repair done as soon as possible, due to the changing cold and hot weather in Texas, it will cause those tiny little rock chips on your windshield to crack to long nasty long line, until it reaches to the end of the windshield. Don’t let it crack beyond repair. Get the repair done as soon as possible to save your windshield and the sooner you repair, the better the repair look.

Long Crack Windshield Repair

If cracks on your windshield start to crack to long line, you need to get the repair now. Due to cold and hot weather it will crack even longer until it reach far end. Advantage Windshield Repair we have technology to repair crack windshield up to 34 inch long. While other companies can’t. fix those long cracks on your windshield, the sooner you get repair the better the appearance of long crack repair will look.

Why we say “Stop That Crack”


With our insurance contracts, most rock chip repairs are done with no expense to the customer.


Schedule a windshield repair

It has been proven that 90% of windshield rock chips are repairable. Repairing a rock chip usually will cost you nothing and takes less than 15 minutes. In fact, insurance companies want Policyholders to repair rock chips, it saves them money. If a windshield has a rock chip and is not repaired quickly, it may spread, and will need to be replaced. This replacement will cost the automobile owner, and the insurance company hundreds of dollars! Insurance Companies would prefer to spend a fraction of the cost to repair a windshield, rather than hundreds of dollars to replace one. So please… Stop The Crack!

No water leaks!

Water leaks are a common problem of windshield replacement. Windshield chip repair allows you to save the original factory seal of your windshield. This seal was installed in climate controlled conditions and is designed to help provide air bag and roof support in the event of an accident. Water leaks are definitely one of the most annoying problems of an auto glass replacement. Windshield repair does not involve messing with the setting of the auto glass and therefore avoids the problem of water leaks completely.


Windshield chip repair is a safe way to prevent the windshield from further damage. Not only is one able to repair the crack or rock chip, but also prevent it from spreading and shattering during a drive. If you have a chip in your windshield, get it fixed.

Eco friendly!

Windshield chip repair is an eco friendly method as opposed to windshield glass replacement. Windshields cannot be recycled.

Free Rock Chip and Crack Repair
  • Fast and Effective

Normally takes less than 30 minutes and improves the visibility by an average of 85% and the structural integrity of the windshield 100%

  • Saves Money

We have contracts with most insurance companies and they pay us to perform windshield repairs for their policy holders.

  • Safe and Environmental Friendly

Windshield repair maintains the original manufacturers seal maintaining the full safety effectiveness of the windshield. Windshields are not biodegradable or recyclable.


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