Custom Paint


Hyper colors are paints that use a metallic paint over a black undercoat to produce a deep, shiny finish. Most hyper colors are light silver, dark silver and various shades of grey. Hyper colors are popular with many foreign vehicles. Since the process is more involved and the paint is more expensive, hyper refinishing is more costly that traditional painted wheels. As an alternative, you can paint your hyper color wheels with standard paints to save on refinishing costs.

Painted wheels are the most common finishes on cars today. The painting process includes prepping the wheel, adding primer, painting and applying a clear coat, which seals the finish against corrosion.
We use a powder coated clear coat, which is baked on at high temperatures. This method is far superior to the liquid applied clear coats. We apply paints based on OEM specifications for all types of wheels.

We Fix Rims Houston can match the factory color of most wheels depending upon the year model of the vehicle. We also offer powder coating – a durable and high performance painting technique. You can choose from a wide variety of colors while achieving a strong resistance to chemicals, abrasion and corrosion. A very popular request lately has been painting your wheels the same color as your car, a service which we are proud to say we offer!

Painted Brake Calipers
Vehicles with open-spoke alloy wheels have their brakes visible, which means owners have the opportunity to show off their brake calipers with different colors. Italian sports cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis have painted calipers, and you might desire a similar sporty look. Painting the calipers will give your car an expensive, custom look. Paint brake calipers by removing the wheels from the car, and preparing the surface properly so the paint will stick to the calipers and give them a polished look.

First your wheels gets checked for small imperfections such as curb-rash, bends and cracks, we use a hydraulic press designed only for repair rims to make our corrections.

Second your wheels gets repaired such as welding, aluminum fill and resurfacing.

Third your wheel get prepared for paint, we strip the wheel down in order to have a good surface to perform the first paint layer.

Fourth your wheels are dipped in our Hot-Ultra-Sonic tank which is a similar to those used to clean your jewelry only MUCH bigger.

Fifth we then have your wheels pulled out of the Hot tank to a cold water bath.

Sixth we remove your wheels from the cold water bath and give them a high pressure blast to ensure all of the water from the Hot and Cold tanks are removed completely.

Seventh your wheels are then prepared for painting, here certain areas will be masked.

Eighth your wheels will receive their color coat of choice, this first layer is in a flat to better absorb into the aluminum while acting as a primer coating.

Ninth your wheels are then clear coated either in Flat, Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss.

Tenth your wheels are touched up from masking and such.

Eleventh your wheels are allowed to cure in a dry room so that the paint may take its time to cure on it’s own before the baking process begins.

Twelfth your wheels are baked in our bakers, we cannot disclose as to the temperatures or times we use as this is a trade secret but we will ensure you that the process is near nowhere close to the heat others use when they use in powder coating treatment.

At this point your wheels only need to cure which takes around 12-24 hours more before you’re safe to mount your tires.

Do you Powder coat & if not why?

We do not normally chose to powder coat wheels since we feel that our process is a better service for wheels, however if you wish to have them powder coated, we can have it done, however we do not warranty PC applications as they are actually more brittle over hard-bake finishing.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your work?

We offer a full-year warranty on the quality of our refinishing such as paint but we do not cover items such as abuse, damage caused by installers or elements which are out of our control. We offer a base warranty on our wheel damage work such as cracks and bends. What a base warranty means is that the wheel must be inspected before it is mounted on the car, we cannot offer a warranty beyond this point for damage repairs since we have no way monitoring the wheels and the damage which can occur after they are driven on.

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