Out Of Round Wheels

Whether you have sent your wheels in to be chromed, or you are sending your original wheels back from a chrome exchange, we are going to check every wheel for trueness upon arrival at our facility. At that time we may find that the wheels coming off of your vehicle are out of round. This may or may not have been something that you felt during use of your vehicle, but it is something that must be addressed before any finish work is applied.

Hazards that may cause this out of round condition can be virtually anything from potholes, road construction, railroad tracks etc., and may be made worse on vehicles equipped with lower profile tires. Out of round conditions affect the back side of the wheel, with today’s highly offset wheels designs, the back barrel section of the wheel is unsupported. With vehicle manufacturers increasing the wheel size to 18s 19s and 20s, and decreasing the tire sidewall, this type of damage becoming more prevalent.

While a flat spotted wheel may be visible to the naked eye as shown to the right, an out of round wheel must be spun on a high speed balancer with no tire to see the run out.

If you are sending your wheels to have a special finish applied, ultimately you decide whether we repair this condition or not. If you are returning a chrome exchange it will be necessary to repair these conditions and deduct the repair costs from your core deposit.

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