Rock Chip Repair in Houston Texas

Rock chip Windshield Repair in houston

Windshield repair service from Doctor Windshield in Houston Texas is a time-tested and cost-effective method of extending the life of your windshield. So much that many insurance companies will pay the total amount for your windshield repair service bill!

Unlike windshield replacements, windshield repairs can be performed almost anywhere. Doctor Windshields ,Rock Chip Repair in Houston Texas service trucks are equipped with everything a technician needs to repair your windshield and are ready to be dispatched to your home or office at a moment’s notice, making your next windshield repair easier than ever!

Doctor Windshields  Rock Chip Repair in Houston Texas offers several mobile windshield repair service hubs in Houston Texas. This ensures your repair technician can get to you quickly to get you back on the road fast. There is no need to search for the closest Doctor Windshields shop near you. When your windshield chips or cracks, call Doctor Windshields at 713-942-0294 to have a windshield repair technician immediately dispatched to your location.

Rock Chip Repair

There are a number of ways your windshield can incur damage but most damage comes from rocks thrown up off the road. When the rock impacts your windshield, the ensuing damage can take many forms:

  • The Bulls Eye Windshield Chip
  • The Star Windshield Chip
  • The Half Moon Windshield Chip
  • A Combination Windshield Chip
  • Rock Chip Repair Process
    Make sure you are only dealing with a rock chip. A running crack is nearly impossible to fix with a rock chip repair kit. Do the repair as quickly as possible, since a chip can become a running crack.
  • First we identify the repair area
  • Using the corner of a razor blade or a sharp pointy bit to scrape out any loose pieces of glass or dirt.
  • If needed, we clean the crack out with a little bit of acetone on a clean cloth.
  • Then we use a special drill to access the damage area
  • The repair tube is screwed tightly into the alignment tool. The repair tube is a small, threaded tube with a rubber tip.
  • Inside the car we make make sure that it is pressed against the rock chip. If it isn’t, unscrew it and move the alignment tool to the right place.
  • High strength resin is injected to fill and close the damage area and the plunger is carefully lowered.
  • Once tightened, it is loosened halfway so any air bubbles can  escape, then the plunger is lowered again so the resin can fill the damaged area.
  • We let it sit for a time, adjusting pressure as needed until the damaged area is filled, then the whole alignment tool is removed.
  • The damaged area is covered with a pit filling resin and all resins in the damaged area are solidified under a special ultra violet light.
  • A finishing film is applied on top of the repair. It sit until dry then the excess is wiped off.
  • The repaired Windshield is cleaned and you are on your way!
  • With your windshield now safe and secure as though it were new again! Guaranteed not to crack from the point we repaired.

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